Coffees Traceable to the Farm & Producer

As 2020 begins, and our sourcing relationships for coffee continue to develop, by March of this year, all of our coffee will be sourced with traceability to the farm and producer level. This is a big deal for us, as it helps us ensure the highest quality coffee, and that producers are being paid a fair price for their labor and quality.

The last two origins where we lacked producer traceability before this year, were Brazil and Colombia. We were purchasing high quality coffees, but they were blends of multi-farm producers, traceable only to the region and mill where they were processed. 

What does this mean? Well for starters, we are paying a higher price for these coffees, and more of that money is going to the producer. As a result, we are able to secure better tasting coffee, with the goal of making these long term relationships that are mutually beneficial through the supply chain.  

We are pretty excited about this development and progress, and looking forward to sharing these wonderful new coffees with you! 


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Coffees Traceable to the Farm & Producer

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