El Salvador Santa Lucia Natural
El Salvador Santa Lucia Natural
Farm owner Mary Salinas de Borgonovo
Coffee Cherries at Finca Santa Lucia
Rows of Coffee Trees on Finca Santa Lucia

El Salvador Santa Lucia Natural

blood orange / dark chocolate / currant
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A lovely natural coffee from Finca Santa Lucia in El Salvador. This coffee has been beautifully processed and sorted, and a result is a pleasure to roast, and brews with sparkling clarity and sweetness in the cup.

Finca Santa Lucia has been in the Salinas Family for more than 60 years. General Julio Salinas, the farm’s original owner, passed the farm down to his son along with a passion for coffee farming. His granddaughter (and the farm’s current owner), Mary Salinas de Borgonovo, runs the farm today using many of the traditional farming practices that her grandfather instituted. Situated just 500 meters from the town of Ataco, the terrain of the farm is quite level, which facilitates harvesting and care for the coffee trees, despite its relatively high altitude of 1,350 meters above sea level. The farm has no source of running water but receives a daily dose of humidity from the dense fog that descends up onthe region almost daily throughout the year.

All coffee from the farm is carefully harvested by hand and meticulously sorted before being delivered for processing to the nearby Beneficio El Carmen. Fernando Alfaro, the owner of the mill and El Carmen Estate (who we have also bought coffee from), works with the family to process their coffee to their specifications so as to assure its quality and consistency. Currently the farm produces wet process and natural coffees, though there may be potential for more experimentation. After cherries are sorted by hand again at the mill, they are delivered to dry on African Beds or on the mills extensive clay patios fo r21 days, where they are regularly raked (initially every 20 minutes) to ensure even drying. Lots that start in the beds will spend an additional three to four days on clay patios, for a total drying time of around 26 days. Finally, the beans are prepared and all defects removed and screened to uniform size

Net Weight: 12 oz. 


Net Weight: 12 oz. 



Ataco, Ahuachapan




Natural / Raised beds and patios


Bourbon and Pacas


Farm level


Mary Salinas de Borgonovo


Feb 2020



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