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Curtis Thermal FreshTrac 1.5gal Dispenser


The key to a well executed coffee program is consistently serving hot, fresh coffee every time. Monitoring the holding time and the amount of coffee in a dispenser is crucial to freshness and quality. Without proper management, coffee can get cold or stale from sitting too long. Even worse, dispensers can run out and customers have to wait for a new brew. 

Curtis’ Thermal FreshTrac™ is a simple visual system that communicates
time and volume that’s easy to see, even from across the room. The FreshTrac™ system is activated from the moment coffee is brewed into the dispenser to keep your coffee program on track.

  • Twin LEDs — Enables you to easily check coffee quality – even from across the room 
  • Stand Alone Operation — Curtis TFT requires no connection with the brewing system
  • Universal Fit — Curtis TFT is designed to fit existing models of Curtis Thermal Servers.
  • Brew-Through Convenience — Maintains coffee flavor, temperature and quality
  • Long Service Life — Curtis TFT high-tech power module features a one-year performance guarantee
  • Dimensions: 23.13” H x 9.00” W x 14.38” D
  • Ship Weight: 15.0 lbs. 
  • Ship Cube: 2.30 cu. ft.

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