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Speedwell Coffee

58mm Puck Espresso Tamper


For a perfect puck, use the puck! That is…for a great espresso shot, start with the perfect coffee puck, using this puck tamper that we directly import and distribute. The simple, yet sophisticated design of this tamper allows for the ultimate in stability and control. Using the palm of your hand to push as you grip results in even coffee distribution and consistent, repeatable results. Works with porta-filters for most home and commercial espresso machines. (Porta filter not included.)

  • CONSISTENT ESPRESSO SHOTS: Achieve a level coffee bed with every tamp!
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: High-quality, heavy-weight materials ensure accurate tamp pressure and durability. Grade 304 stainless steel base with aluminum handle. Tamper weight: 18.35 oz (520g).
  • ADJUSTABLE DEPTH: 3-piece construction means the tamper is easy to adjust and lock into place. Stainless steel base height range: 6mm - 11mm.
  • EXCELLENT STABILITY AND CONTROL: Fits in the palm of the hand for ergonomic comfort, and the weight of the tamper does much of the work for the barista.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: 58mm base works with portafilters for most home and commercial espresso machines. Tamper dimensions: 2 1/2" diameter, 1 3/8" high at tightest setting.