About Us

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Speedwell Coffee is a Plymouth, MA based small batch certified organic coffee roaster dedicated to providing freshly roasted whole bean specialty coffee.   Our mission is quite simple – to source and roast the most exciting specialty coffees, and deliver them with detailed personal service at a fair price.

It sounds cliche, but it must be said, that we begin by sourcing the highest quality specialty coffee that we can find, and small batch roast each varietal with discipline.  When we blend origins, which is not all that often, we believe in post-roast blending, as it allows each of the individual origins to reach their optimal flavor and aromatic potential.  All of Speedwell coffee is roasted and packaged by hand, allowing us to ensure quality throughout our entire process.  It has always been our freshness policy, and will continue to be, that all coffee is shipped or delivered within twenty-four hours of roasting.

All of our coffee is roasted to-order on a Sivetz 15 kilo roaster.  The Sivetz roaster is a fluid bed design, and represents a dramatic change and improvement over drum style traditional roasters.  The Sivetz roaster produces bright, fully developed coffees that are at their aromatic potential.  We invite all of our customers, and potential customers, to come and see the Sivetz operate first hand.

Thank you for considering Speedwell Coffee as your coffee partner.  We look forward to personally roasting your coffee and helping your business grow and become more profitable.