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Espresso Parts Countertop Pitcher Rinser


Rinse any vessel with a diameter between 1-4.5" in seconds, simplifying the repetitive task of rinsing glasses, pitchers and cups, and therefore saving time and money! This stainless steel pitcher rinser from Espresso Parts is hygienic, durable, reliable, and highly recommended by Speedwell Coffee and the many baristas that we work with. The countertop version includes a rugged black ABS surround with non-skid feet.

IMPORTANT: We highly recommend that you have this product in hand before cutting countertops. Neither Speedwell Coffee nor Espresso Parts are responsible for mis-calculated or mis-cut countertops. 

  • COLD WATER connector: 3/8" John Guest press fitting (hot water damages the seals)
  • Drain connector: 1/2" barb fitting
  • Pan size: 6"x6"x2"
  • Outside dimensions of the pan only: 6-7/8" by 6-3/8" (average flange is 5/16")
  • Recommended Water Pressure: 15-30 PSI
  • Made of stainless steel (edges can be sharp before installing please use caution)
  • Check with local plumbing codes before install. PVB, SVB or RP style backflow preventers are sometimes required.
  • NSF International Certifies that this product conforms to the requirements of NSF/ANSI 169 - Special Purpose Food Equipment and Devices.

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