Guatemala Quejiná

orange zest / grapefruit / cocoa
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We found this wonderful late season lot from our sourcing partners at Onyx Coffee. Finca Quejiná, is grown in the high altitudes of Huehuetenango by Nicolas Ramirez Ramirez. Delicate sweetness, pleasing citrus acidity, and cooling into rounded notes of cocoa. Finca Quejiná is a high altitude farm, sitting at and above 2000 meters above sea level, in northwest Guatemala. 

Finca Quejiná has been in the family for many years, starting with Nicolas' great grandfather. Nestled in the dense forest of Petetan high up on a mountain ridge, Quejiná boasts a beautiful view of the valleys below. While harvesting coffee at over 2000 MASL presents a learning curve, Nicolas is proud of his coffees and the many decades he's spent pursuing excellence.

Lots are separated by altitude and slope, according to readiness. During the height of harvest from February through March and into April, Nicolas and his son turn in small lots to their export partners and we receive farm samples. Quejiná varieties include Caturra, Pache and Bourbon.

Don Nicolas comes from very humble beginnings as a native Mam speaker who didn't go to school or learn Spanish until he was nearly an adult. His orientation to the world is one of gentle grace and earned kindness, and his family is incredibly important to him.

In recent years, Don Nicolas has been able to purchase more land, plant new trees, invest in processing experiments, while learning and investing in new techniques.

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Petetan, Huehuetenango




Fully washed and sun dried


Caturra, Pache, Bourbon


Farm level


Nicolas Ramirez Ramirez


March & April 2023



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