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El Salvador Finca Buenos Aires Natural


Region: Sana Ana Volcano, El Slavador

Altitude: 1580-1720m
Variety: Bourbon 
Process: Dried on raised beds
Producer: Florence Mathies-Hill & Aida Batlle

Coming from the Buenos Aires farm in Metapan, Santa Ana region of the country, this natural has notes of strawberry, lemon and honey, with refined acidity in the cup.

It is a result of a collaboration between coffee producer Aida Batlle and the J. Hill family, owners of the Buenos Aires farm, under the banner of the Aida Batlle Selection.

The entire coffee cherry remains intact during preparation. Prior to drying the coffee cherries are put in a tank where unripe cherries float to the top and are discarded. The remaining cherries are spread out directly on drying tables and spend as many days as required to dry to a predetermined moisture level. The dried cherries are then milled to remove all layers down to the beans within.

Taste Notes: strawberry, lemon, honey

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