El Diamante Reserve
El Diamante Reserve
Mr. Florencia Villatoro

El Diamante Reserve

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Don't miss out on our last roast 9/5 of this wonderful auction lot. We are fortunate and proud to roast this exceptional lot of coffee, from the 2022 One of a Kind Guatemala auction. Produced by award winning grower, Mr. Florencia Villatoro, on his five acre farm El Diamante. This special lot is 100% Bourbon variety, that has been naturally processed, providing a fruit-forward sweet cup. 

The name of the farm, The Diamond, refers to the affinity and appreciation that Florencia has for his land. His farm is a treasure for him and everything he has been able to achieve.

Located in Huehuetenango, El Diamante sits between 1550 and 1850 meters above sea level, in a perfect microclimate for growing coffee. 

We taste: candied strawberry, barrel aged whiskey, grape jelly

Net Weight: 12 oz. / Whole Bean Only