Nicaragua, Don Isidro Reds & Yellows

This is our first year working with Ben and his team from Gold Mountain Coffee Growers (GMCG), but this is the type of relationship that we like to try and foster as much as possible, and that will continue for many years.  Ben's company is quite special, in that they own their own farm in Nicaragua (Finca Idealista), and also work hard to source other great coffees in their region.  They have a meticulous approach to growing, picking, and processing coffee, and their efforts are showing in the cup quality. 

In addition, GMCG has a very positive impact socially, providing technical assistance and loans to partner farmers.  With this empowerment, farmers increase yields, expand their farms, invest in processing equipment, and better provide for their families. In 2016 GMCG earned the SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) Excellence Award for Sustainability.

This year we purchased two lots from one producer, who's farm is located high in the Jinotega region, located in northwest Nicaragua.  Jinotega enjoys some of the best altitude and most fertile soil in Nicaragua, contributing to the high quality coffees that come from this region. 

Don Isidro's farm is diversified producing carrots, cabbage, and other vegetables. He has many drying racks in order to select out imperfections by hand, and prepare his coffee for safe transport. We selected two lots from Don Isidro, that showcase the sweetness and balance of his coffees, as well as the care taken in production.    


Variety: Yellow Caturra 

Process: Washed and dried on raised beds

Storage: Grainpro

We taste: peach in the dry aroma, with apple, and hints of cinnamon in the cup, with a silky body.


Variety: Red Catuai and Bourbon

Process: Washed and dried on raised beds

Storage: Grainpro

We taste: caramel and hints of orange in dry aroma, in the cup peach and vanilla, with a thick body.

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