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Posted on June 24 2016

Origin - Huehuetenango, Caserío Las Nuevas, Hoja Blanca, Cuilco
Elevation - 1,900 meters
Acreage - 270
Drying - In sun patios
Type shade trees - Chalum
Processing Methods - Wet
Varietals - Carturra, Bourbon, Catimor

History of the farm - Mr. Wilmar Castillo, still young and unmarried, traveled with his father and three older brothers, from village to village within Hoja Blanca working in coffee farms that was not their own and learning as much as he could. His dream was to have his own farm and he worked very hard to achieve it. Coffee has always been part of his life and he always saw his dad work with love and passion within coffee. Seeing that motivated him to work hard to save and slowly purchase Vista al Bosque (the farm overlooking the forest) which has owned for over 18 years. Currently he oversees the farm with his 16 year old son and his wife.

Mr. Wilmar, thanks God for having his estate and that he could achieve his dreams. He looks forward to seeing what opportunities his children will have because of what the farm has provided.


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