For The Love Of Coffee

February 14th is a day for reflecting on love. Here at Speedwell, we all share one significant other: coffee, and on this day of love, we would like to share what we love about coffee:

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Derek, Owner : “I think at this point it pulses through my veins.  It has been my passion, and career for nearly sixteen years.  It has introduced me to so many great people, brought me around the world, and I wake up each day just as passionate as ever for that day's first cup.  Coffee has afforded me the opportunity to build a business around my passion, helped me create jobs and opportunities for other passionate people, and allows me to continue to spread daily joy around a relatively simple beverage.  That's why I love coffee. “

Brianna, Social Media: “I love making coffee for other people. When people come over, I really enjoy making coffee so I can share new beans I am excited about and welcome them. Then drinking coffee together, and talking, it creates opportunity for bonding.”

Kelsy, Productions: “Coffee is like music to me. A great cup (like a great song) will boost my mood and energy levels. There's such a rich history to coffee and it continually brings people together from all walks of Earth.”

Dylan, Roaster: “I love how roasting and brewing the perfect cup of coffee is both an art and a science. Two opposite worlds that don't typically coincide come together to create something that is completely different from start to finish, from the raw bean to the last sip. It's something that people can enjoy every single day. “

Larry, Service Technician: “Why I love coffee? Because Coffee offers an endless amount of mediums to explore ones artistic caffeinated freedom.”

Sarah, Roaster: “I love the layers and flavor nuances of coffee; they’re endless. I can taste watermelon jolly rancher and apricot in one sip. But first and foremost, nothing makes me feel more alive & happy than my first sip of coffee and that morning buzz. Caffeine forever.”

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