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Barista Worthy Cold Brew

Posted on May 03 2018


Cold Brew in Four Simple Steps!

When it comes to making iced coffee at home, there’s no product more foolproof than the Toddy cold brew pitcher. The simple combination of coarse ground coffee and filtered water results in smooth, thirst quenching cold brew. The Toddy Cold Brew kit includes a brewing container with handle, a glass decanter with lid and two reusable filters.

One: Select your Roast

Darker roasted coffees are ideal for velvety, full-flavored cold brew. Speedwell habitually brews our deep roasted Guatemalan Huehuetenango for its milk chocolate, sweet caramel and cola notes.

Nor’easter, our signature French roast, translates into a bold, robust cold brew. This single origin is chestnut in color and caramelized to perfection. With notes like dark cocoa, cinnamon spice, and graham cracker, how could you go wrong? (Pssssttt you can’t!)

Two: The Ideal Grind

Cold brew = Coarse grind. When the use of heat is removed from making coffee the use of time takes its place. Cold water slows the extraction process so a coarsely ground bean will be fully extracted over time. You could use a more finely ground coffee, but you’ll end up with an unpleasant sludge at the bottom of your cup. The grind should resemble coarse, flakey salt. Coarsely ground coffee is the way to go for cold brew; it creates an uncompromisingly even taste with minimal bitterness and acidity.

Three: Brew Ratio Balance

Now that you’re coffee is ground we can start perfecting the brew ratio. After much experimentation, we have found that the ideal ratio for the Toddy cold brew pitcher is 12 ounces of coffee to 7 cups of filtered water. To make a bigger or smaller batch simply adjust the ratios:

To double the yield -- Two standard bags of coffee: 14 cups of cold, filtered water

For a smaller batch -- Half a bag of coffee (6 ounces): 3.5 cups of cold, filtered water

Four: Time is on Your Side

Wake up late? Running around like a mad man in the morning? No time to brew coffee?! Don’t panic, you’ve got this. Grab that cold brew you prepared last night. Personally I feel the biggest advantage to the cold brew method is how simple it is to prepare ahead of time. Our recommended steep time is 12 to 14 hours. This allows the coffee to be fully saturated and evenly extracted. Cold brew is very forgiving and this time frame can be shifted an hour or two in either direction depending on your preference and schedule!

Thirsty Now?

Check out the  Toddy system and our cold brew worthy roasts!


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