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Brew Great Coffee at Home

Posted on April 10 2015

Making great coffee at home often times proves elusive, but it easy if you have the right gear, and follow a few easy steps.  Check out the videos below for all the specific steps.

We love using the Chemex at home!

Fresh coffee & clean water 

- This goes without saying, but buy yourself some fresh whole bean coffee.  We always suggest coffee within 30 days of roast.  If the bag you are buying does not have a roast date, or has an expiration date sometime next year, then chances are it's not that fresh.  Any serious specialty coffee roaster is putting a roast date on their packaging.

- Use clean filtered water.  Coffee is 98% water, so the quality of the water you start with will have a major impact on your finished product.  A carbon filter for taste is perfect.

The Equipment  

- If you don't already have one, spend $20 and buy yourself a gram scale.  You will thank me later, and wonder how you made coffee before without one.  A scale will allow you to consistently hit your brew ratio, which is the amount of water and coffee you brew with.  

- The most overlooked tool in the barista's arsenal, is the grinder.  Without a consistent grind, you will struggle to have consistently tasty coffee.  I realize they aren't the cheapest piece of equipment, but if you are serious about your cup of coffee, we suggest budgeting and saving for a burr grinder.  We especially like Baratza grinders, and their base model the Encore starts at $129.

Keep it Clean

 - Always keep your brewer, grinder, etc clean.  Coffee oils build up fast, and you don't want those old oils and grounds commingling with your fresh coffee.  Keep it clean, and you will keep your cup tasting great.

Speedwell Coffee Bonavita Home Brewer-HD from Speedwell Coffee on Vimeo.


Speedwell Coffee- Chemex Pourover-HD from Speedwell Coffee on Vimeo.



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